Discover the perfect juxtaposition of avant-garde exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies.



Explore the amazing prospects of AI-enhanced immersive virtual reality technology in a simulated real life context.



Upgrade towards a sustainable future of innovation and technology through the digital transformation framework.



A multitude of Utopian services designed to foster the creation of seamless digital content.


Discover the perfect juxtaposition of avant-garde exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies.


Explore the amazing prospects of AI-enhanced immersive virtual reality technology in a simulated real life context.


Upgrade towards a sustainable future of innovation and technology through the digital transformation framework.


A multitude of Utopian services designed to foster the creation of seamless digital content.


Welcome to eframe

Welcome to Eframe Infomedia! Experts, in focused Creativity. Achiever of precise strategic goals. And, the deliverer of strikingly stand alone results. We are indeed a rich store house of cutting edge creative minds, raring to go at new challenges. In today's super expressway of pathbreaking information technology, we are here to be your reliable ride to many desired destinations.

Our creative process as well as the creative brain, function upon the principle to three "C"'s.
Be Convenient, Be Consistent and Be Cost effective.

We deliver experience, expertise and up to date media solutions, perfectly in sync with the global trends. This in turn instils the confidence in our clients to match their stride dynamically with today's ever evolving media mechanism, across diverse mediums. From creative design to promotional film making, from 2D & 3D animation based explainers to customised process digitisation, and from immersive technology to Industry 4.0 applications, we are here to service any need that the modern industry can think of!

Moreover, Eframe Infomedia never under-estimates the odds. Look at today's competitive world. The right communication strategy here is born not just out of wisdom. It is not about mere technology, innovation or machine learning anymore. But more often, it is the product of boundless creative passion, countless brain storming, synchronised teamwork and youthful energy.

Eframe Infomedia is the ground zero for all of the above. We have been in the business of building precise brand persona for long enough to understand that unless you live it, you cannot breathe life into it. Our success mantra has always been to spare no effort and to break every existing rule in order to infuse real and throbbing life into each idea.

Ideas, which win battles and set trends. Ideas, which speak volumes for themselves.

Our reputation was built through the years due to the creative strength of our ideas. They have won us reputation, which in turn has built a sturdy bond between us and our valued clients.

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Film Production

Adding fiction, exploring multimedia options, and taking the advantage of latest technology standards in Corporate Film making, now makes style and treatment more exciting with every passing day to explore all possible avenues ...

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Creative Designs Branding and Campaign

Copybook methods of logo design, product positioning and all other related brand building exercises had been the building blocks of our own reputation. Digital age requires the right digital edge if advertisement ...

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The virtual is challenging reality at every next step. Our virtual reality service offers top notch virtual app-based solution for various industries. Key services include immersive tech, medical VR, VR home design, VR App ...

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Process Digitization

Artificial information tech and digital innovation has become the backbone of a world wide Start Up explosion. App development for mobile platform and cloud based solutions are fast becoming the key to survival for conventional industries ...

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E-Learning Solution

Byte-sized learning nuggets that are approachable, accessible, and simple. Our eLearning content development wing is totally equipped with the know how and creative resources to develop customised eLearning ...

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Learning Management System

Digital content creation has always been our forte. An uniform system equipped with the right digital content can efficiently deal with this, saving both money and time. LMS education does exactly ...

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2D and 3D Animation and Explainer Videos

Convert your training concepts into striking motion graphics explainer videos. Explainer AV content needs to be multimedia rich, persuasive and precise. For the best animated marketing ...

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Simulation Games

Eframe’s 2D or 3D simulation game are designed around mini projects to improve & increase learners’ hard & soft skills in corporate settings. These games makes training easy by creating high level of retention. ...

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Success Stories: Film Production

Title - Mission Nirmal Bangla
Client - SUDA

More than 10 tons of solid waste is produced in India every second. The source of this immense waste is a wasteful mindset. ‘Mission Nirmal Bangla’ strikes at the heart of this mindset ...

Title - Mission Zero Accident
Client - CEAT

The highly inspiring film created by Eframe was effective to encourage the employees to adapt a safe work culture and align safety with the mission zero accident motto of the organization. ...

Title - Monsoon in Dooars
Client - West Bengal Tourism

Eframe created a film for WB Tourism to highlight the eccentric beauty of Dooars especially during Monsoon Season. The film unveiledthe density of the natural rainforests, ...

Title - The palatial R&D Centre
Client - Vesuvius

The film captures the state of art R&D Centre of Vesuvius, the global leader of metal flow engineering industries. This film embodies the combination of advanced machineries fused ...

Title - Visitor Safety Briefing
Client - Amazon

Keeping the standard safety decorum of the visitors in mind, Eframe created an elaborated safety briefing film for the visitors who visit the premises of Amazon. Covering various visitor safety ...

Success Stories: Virtual Reality (VR) Training

Title - VR Training module on Height Work, Scaffolding and Electrical Safety
Client - Thyssenkrupp

The VR training module developed by Eframe was aimed to explore realistic jobsite environments and safely test the limits ...

Title : VR Module for Warehouse Stowing and Picking Process
Client - Amazon

The Virtual Reality Training assessment program was developed in order to educate the employees about proper management of ...

Title - VR Training for Emergency Evacuation, PPE and Firefighting
Client - CEAT

In order to deliver a well-structured Emergency Evacuation Plan for CEAT, Eframe created a VR training module. ...

Title - PPE Assessment
Client - Vesuvius

Eframe created a VR training module for the refractory industry that focused on understanding different PPE’s for different type of jobs. ...

Success Stories: Process Digitization

Title - Safety Audi Tool
Client - Vesuvius

Eframe has developed a mobile friendly solution for digitizing the audit process bystoring all data in clouds and transforming activities andproviding a Real-time platform for reporting ...

Title - e-Permit to Work
Client - Vesuvius

Eframe has developed an app, aligning with Job Safety Analysis (JSA) , that allowsyou to digitally generating permit for various processes,sorting out issues and saving time by reducing paper work. ...

Title - QR Code Application
Client - Vesuvius

Eframe has developed an app where by scanning QR code of any required workstation orequipment, you can view available documents of those work stations and equipment. ...

Title - Cloud Based Risk Assessment Centre
Client - Vesuvius

A web portal was created by Eframe for Vesuvius in order to Remotely managing workplace safety through expert guidelines. To eliminate hazards by adapting ...

Success Stories: Simulation Games

Title - BOOSTA Violation Game
Client - Amazon

To avoid mistakes, Eframe developed an engaging multi-level game-based assessment module for Amazon. BOOSTA is a common method for executing the complicated Stowing procedure. ...

Title - Match n Pick Game
Client - Amazon

There is always the possibility of errors in Amazon's fast-paced workplace, which is why it is important to remember the specific product to deliver to the consumer. To do so, Eframe created a game ...

Title - LOTO Games
Client - HUL

Eframe created a game with plenty of opportunities for learning and self-assessment to teach HUL personnel about the LOTO (Lock out Tag out) process. The game includes many sets of questionnaires ...

Title - Road Safety Games
Client - HUL

Eframe created a game to inform employees who drive four-wheelers or two-wheelers about various road safety rules and practices. The player selects their preferred avatar and proceeds ...

Success Stories: Creative Designing, Branding and Campaign

Title - VacSingh Campaign
Client - Scarborough Cares

Eframe created an animated and display campaign called VacSingh as part of Scarborough Cares' commitment to publicise the presence and benefits of several vaccines developed to counter ...

Title - Covid Awareness Campaign
Client - Scarborough Cares

In the pandemic situation, Eframe created a holistic mega awareness program with attractive intelligible animated videos, graphic booklets, and other related paraphernalia for raising awareness ...

Title - Surakshaveer -A National Safety Week Campaign
Client - HUL

The comprehensive and interactive multimedia campaign created by Eframe contained all the important road safety guidelines and policies that created great stir among the sales force ...

Title - Branding of the Vesuvius R&D Centre in Vizag
Client - Vesuvius

Eframe’s expertise in designing and branding reflects on the avant-garde architecture of the Vesuvius R&D Centre. Harmonizing both aesthetics and functionality, Eframe has created ...